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Before discussing about this website, let me first briefly introduce myself.
My name is Thierry Thomas, is that because my nickname is 'tedheu' (that sound as Tē in french and standing for the two first letters). I was born in france, on "93" (a suburb of Paris), more than an half-century ago.

So English is not my native language then be indulgent with my English.

Ten years ago, just before 2K, i started learning and writing HTML to build my first website which over time seemed to me quite kitsch and i finally closed this website. I continued by two other websites, one about photos taken with my first digital camera (a 2 Mpx), a second on some thingummies in HTML and JavaScript, not updated now. I have tried the PHP which I found a good way for my odd snippets. I went on to do some tricks or snippets of JavaScript and PHP code that were submitted on community websites, (as with the old website "www.asp-php.net").
So I was wished to build a dedicated website to such thingies ...

Then, this website deal with website programming and it is intended to propose some tips and snippets of Javascript and PHP code (or both mixed). This website is created for all people, to help anyone (i hope) with his hobby in JavaScript or PHP programming. All the samples code displayed within this website are free of use and it will be cool if a lot of people use proposed scripts even with modifications. Thank you to notice me if you do that.
Keep in mind that my profession is outside the field of website development (although programming code is not a odd thing for me, i started on a PDP11 long time ago). So I hope that you will be cool enough to excuse my way of coding.

This website is designed and "hand-coded" using script editor with highlight code capability (for example: PHP Designer or Notepad++). The pages are structured using CSS to separate the information from the style, and widely using the include() function offered by the PHP to minimize script duplications. The PHP code scripts are developed and checked using Easy PHP 1.8 on windows XP platform. The webpages display is tested under IE6 and Firefox on Windows platform, and Safari on Snow Leopard.

This website is, and will be, always a work in progress, and i hope you will be patient enough because i have only two hands and one brain for this task ... and i have another hobbies.

Thank you for visiting, i hope you will find something that enjoy you.

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