Some plugins for your webpage

You are searching for some free and simple plugins to insert inside your personal webpage adding new functionalities ...

Here you can find some solutions that i hope will help you. These proposed solutions are build with some snippets, using different languages (JavaScript, PHP), running on client side and/or server side, eventually with an "AJAX" link.
These solutions are free of use for non commercial purposes, and you can modify the scripts if you like or if necessary to fit to your specific case or if you need different behaviors ...
They are solutions based upon simple scripts that are approachable by people who aren't all that experienced with web programming, and in other hand it's easier for me to develop. On server side, the PHP scripts don't require MySQL, if a database is necessary data are stored in simple text files.


List of currently available "plugins" :

  • Counter of visits
    This plugin displays a text string on your page that indicates the total count of visitors and an estimated number of visitors that are still present (based on the IP numbers), for the current page or for all the site.
  • Comments list
    This plugin allows a visitor to post a comment on your webpage, the comment can be visualized and modified or cancelled by the visitor until he validates his comment. The list of comments is displayed below the capture form and automatically updated as the client-side comment list is related to a server-side database with "AJAX" technique.
  • Sudoku puzzle
    This plugin allows a visitor to play a sudoku puzzle online, with a new grid automatically generated at each time the browser load the webpage.
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